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Swimming Pool and Saunas

… I am going to enjoy the classic sauna. I feel a stream of sweat running down my back. I find refreshment under a deluge of ice-cold water and dive into a thick fog in the Turkish bath. Finally, I achieve my velvety balance, which I now use in energetic arm waves, moving back and forth several times along the pool track. Light grey stone walls fuel determination to act and move forward. This is what I have been longing for since the morning.

Visiting of Swimming Pool and Saunas

Length of the pool is 25 metres;
the depth is 135 cm;
the water temp. is 28°C

The temp. in the sauna is 85-95°C;
with a humidity of ~10%

The temp. in the Himalayan salt sauna is 65-70°C;
with a humidity of 30-40%

The temp. in the Turkish bath is 45-50°C;
with a humidity of ~95%

Water temp. in the water pouring room is 7-10°C

Jacuzzi water temp. is 37°C