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Aromatherapy massages

My grandmother tends a lavender field. She stuffs cushions with it and insists on placing them next to the bed for a calm and restful sleep. I trust my grandmother, but I need to check how aromatherapy works.

Wow! It turns out it works wonders. Massages, pleasant conversations and a cup of tea in the palms of your hands, enriched with the scents of essential oils, can not only provide pleasure but also reduce stress, fatigue and a multitude of things that arise from prolonged work.

So, I descend into the vaults of the Bokšto SPA for a massage with a carefully selected bouquet of essential oils. Soon enough, I realise that the world of scents is so diverse and mysterious that only by trying them will I discover what I like the most.

Thank you, grandmother, for the direction!

Absolutelypure products from Italy are the purest offering the modern market can provide today – highly concentrated, allergen-free and suitable for use with food or cosmetic products. Our absolutes are produced using closed-loop technology, with a mixture of carbon dioxide and ozone gas used in the production process. Finally, absolutes not only offer a captivating aroma but also retain active plant ingredients. When inhaled, after 2 seconds the brain absorbs the molecules of active substances, after 20 minutes they appear in the bloodstream, and after another 22 minutes the effect begins at the cellular level.